The Farmhouse 90E Range Cooker by Belling has been perfectly designed to produce outstanding and professional cooking results daily for your family and friends. The range cooker is made from quality stainless steel in a classic design. This range cooker comes with two electric ovens, a grill and ceramic hob.

A LED touch control clock and simple rotary controls make the using the appliance very straightforward whilst adding a gorgeous but practical feature. This appliance has an A rating for energy efficiency which will help you limit your impact on the environment and will also help you to keep your energy costs low. 


Cooking For The Masses 



This cooker is perfect for cooking for large households and for parties and events as there is a huge capacity to cook lots of different food. The appliance is complete with one standard fan oven with a capacity of 58 litres, a tall electric fan oven with a capacity of 91 litres and 25 shelve positions. The tall fanned oven is market-leading and is perfect for multi-level cooking or batch baking and will help to achieve even results throughout the cavity to ensure flavours do not intermingle with each other. Both ovens have 2 shelves, providing you with a large space to cook large meats or multiple bakes. 

Also included is a separate grill cavity, giving you the opportunity to solely adjust the grilling power to suit your requirements. If you would only like to use a small section of the grill you can do so but isolating the inner section, helping you save energy. The grilling temperature can be easily adjusted by selecting a high or low temperature which is ideal for cooking a range of foods from delicious toasties to juicy steaks. 

Last but not least the Farmhouse 90E Range Cooker by Belling has an easy to clean ceramic glass-ceramic hob which again produces excellent cooking results. The hob features 5 cooking zones in a range of different sizes and is perfect for flexible cooking. The hob surface is made to resist cooked on food and spills for a quick clean up making your life a lot easier. 


Functions and Programmes 


The range cooker comes fully equipped with defrost and slow functions. You can now defrost your food more hygienically and in half the time using the defrost function which circulates air at room temperature around the food. The slow cook function cooks food thoroughly and at low temperatures. Your favourite dishes can be ready for when you get home after a hard days work, making your life a lot easier. 

Once your food is prepared and ready to be cooked to perfection, you can very easily set the time duration using the LED clock and programmable timer. The Maxi-Clock and programmer are easy to read and also has a three-button touch control screen, to keep things simple. 


The Clean Up 

The specially designed enamel interior makes sure that you are able to clean your oven with ease every time. You can now easily wipe down food and spillages off the interior surface as the enamel prevents anything from fusing into it, allowing you to keep it looking as good as when you first bought it. The cooker also allows you to maintain the appliance effortlessly as the door come with a removable glass panel, giving you the opportunity to remove the glass pane and simply wipe away any usually hard to reach places with ease.


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